Advantages and Disadvantages of using online coupons – This is Why It’s Good

online coupons

For a lot of people online coupons are a must have, a lot of people don’t like them and then there are those in between that don’t really know what to think about them. If you are in the latter two categories, then this is a great article for you because you will be able to see whether coupons are for you or not. There are definitely some incredible benefits to using coupons, but what the people that love coupons don’t want to tell you is the fact that there are also some disadvantages to them. Today we are going to look at both sides of the isle to help you decide what is best for you, so make sure to keep reading until the end.

You can save money

The first, biggest and probably best thing about coupons is that you are able to really save money with them. This actually has a lot to do with why people love using them so much in the first place and usually what got them into the practice to begin with. If you have ever seen any of the shows on TV about couponing, you can see just how much people can save, but even if you don’t want to go to the extremes you can still save a decent amount of money, roughly around $12 to $20 a week on your grocery shopping alone, which we actually think is a decent amount. This amount of money may not seem like a very large amount, but when you make the calculations it will mean that you are saving around $1000 a year which is pretty great. Some coupons offer you better deals than others, so these numbers may even go up depending on what kinds of deals you catch.

You need to be really organized

When it comes to online coupons and just couponing in general, if you don’t have a really high level of organization, then just don’t do it. In order for you to actually make any kind of money from couponing you will have to have some serious organization skills even to save just a couple of dollars. You need to organize them so that you don’t lose any sales, so that they don’t expire before you get to use them and mostly so that you don’t get home or make an online payment and realize afterwards that you had a good coupon for that purchase. Sometimes, especially in grocery stores, you can combine coupons in order to get even better deals, but again that is something that you can only take advantage of if you are really organized. The whole thing takes a lot of time and dedication and if you don’t have that, this won’t work for you.

You can get some of the basics for free

When you are couponing, the coupons that you get online can actually get you some of the most basic things for close to nothing or even completely free. Things like shampoo, toothpaste, soap and so on are always on some kind of sale, and getting a good coupon online will help you make sure that you are pretty much paying no money for them, while always being stocked up.

Finding online coupons is now easier than ever, so for a lot of people giving them a try is something that they’ve been thinking about doing for a long time. As you can see, coupons do have some pros and some cons, but in our opinion the pros far outweigh the cons and we believe that you have nothing to lose. So go ahead, find some incredible coupons and deals and make sure to take advantage of them when you make your next purchase.

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Affiliate Marketing as an Online Business

If you are considering starting an online retail business, you will quickly realize that there are different business models. In case you are constrained by a lack of capital, but you are rearing to get started, business models that you ought to consider include drop shipping and affiliate marketing.

For those looking to start earning as soon as possible your best bet would be drop shipping as affiliate marketing does involve some element of blogging which can take a bit of time before you start seeing some returns.

What both drop shipping and affiliate marketing have in common is the fact that they do not require you to have a physical inventory neither do you have to ship by yourself.

Also, you need not get concerned with the logistical nightmares, and the cost of shipping products to your customers as this is taken care of by the third party company.

However, there are stark differences between the drop shipping and affiliate marketing, which we will address below.

Affiliate marketing

To be an affiliate marketer, you would need to have a website or an online store. This e-commerce business model allows you to sell products without keeping an inventory.

It involves selecting a profitable niche such as ‘outdoor gear’ and offering those products for sale on your website or online store. This could be through your blogs where you write on topics of interest regarding your niche and link to relevant products. These unique links take your customers right to your affiliate partners website, where they can purchase items of interest to them, and you earn a commission usually ranging from five percent to 25 percent depending on your arrangement with the company.

How do you track your sales?

The link that the customer finds on your website tracks back to your affiliate account. When your customer clicks on the link and makes a purchase, they do it from your customer shopping cart on the affiliate’s website.


This business model can be profitable in the long haul but requires patience and passion in a given niche. The difference between affiliate marketing and drop shipping is that all you have to do in affiliate marketing is provide a link, and everything else including billing, shipping, and customer service is all handled by the merchant.  Whereas drop shipping means that you have to deal with the billing while the drop shipper takes care of the shipping.

Affiliate marketers love the fact that this model requires little capital to get started and is hands off. However, patience is a virtue on this one.



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