Best Free Ecommerce Website Builder Options to Sell Your Online Tickets


When it comes to building, designing and planning your ecommerce store, you may be confused with all the options available in the marketplace. You surely want a modern and professional-looking website and exceptional online presence. There are a lot of people who don’t want to invest in hiring the services of professional developers or they simply want another option that they can easily maintain.

One great option is to use ecommerce website builder. This is probably the easiest and the simplest way to build your own online store.

This article is all about ecommerce website builder options and why you should definitely consider one to build an ecommerce store. This article will help you to look at each of the best free ecommerce website builder options so you can see how well they might work for you and your business. The ecommerce website builder options we are going to present are on this list because of these points:

  • Ease of Use – Once you will check the website builder options you will realize how simple and easy to use are they. You can easily control the builder program which means you will know for sure how your ecommerce website will look at the end.
  • Templates and themes – The templates and themes refer to how the physical layout and design of the ecommerce website looks. You will learn about how each website builder offers various templates and themes and how to adjust these themes to suit your business needs.
  • Payment Options – Any ecommerce website requires different payment options. Once you will choose a preferred website builder you will learn how to incorporate and use unique payment options. Some of the payment options include traditional credit and debit cards, money transfer systems, and mobile wallet.
  • Transaction Fees – There are different transactions fees you will have to pay and usually all these fees depend on the providers. The costs are charged based on how you sell your items, as well as, the payment methods.
  • Mobile Support – The truth is that more people than ever are using their smartphones for shopping online. Each of these ecommerce website builders come with its modern features for producing the best possible versions of your ecommerce store.

Here are the best free ecommerce website builder options to choose from:

  • Shopify Ecommerce Solution – This is one of the most popular and used ecommerce platforms online. It offers a number of robust features that will help you create an amazing ecommerce store and some great tools to help you maintain your site. Shopify is really easy to use, it offers a huge selection of templates and themes, newest plugins, integrated payments, tech and mobile support. Whether you are a startup, a well-established company or a small business, Shopify is a great solution for anyone who is looking to have their services all in one place.
  • Bookmark Website Builder – Another great option. They offer a free ecommerce builder option and a new opportunity that takes the website design process into a new direction. They focus on being simple and easy without having to use too much outside assistance.
  • Wix Ecommerce Website Builder – A very popular website development website that has made it really easy to build and design an ecommerce store. The best thing about this site is that you don’t need any coding experience to build the perfect website.

So, are you ready to build your new ecommerce store? Start today! But first, take a look at these recommendations to protect your ecommerce platform.

How to Protect Your Website from an Attack


Before, it has seemed like there has been a new security breach every two days. If you remember, there were high profile accidents such as WannCry and Heartbleed and hacks of popular organizations and companies such as the Democratic National Committee and Sony Pictures. That’s the time when these entities decided to bring cybersecurity and its importance to the front of people’s minds. It’s a fact that the magnitude of DDoS or Distributed Denial of Service attacks has increased with a large number of devices and gadgets connected to the internet and more and more of the population uses these devices. This means that the risk of stealing important information continues to rise.

Ecommerce Websites & Security

Credit card information, bank accounts, tax returns, healthcare data, and personal information are often submitted online or stored on a special network that could be easily vulnerable. If you are informed enough you probably know that markets on the dark web that sell stolen data or information can wreak destruction by allowing others to steal their identity to charge money to someone else’s account, and etc. All connected Internet of Things gadgets and devices such as home security systems and fridges can be taken over easily which can result in severe complications and consequences.

At this point, website security is a really important topic and online businesses and brands are starting to realize that they need a way to protect their ecommerce websites. Ecommerce websites of all sizes are really exposed to attack as they process email addresses, credit card information, and passwords to user accounts. If the ecommerce website you are running is not properly secured, all personal information, credit card numbers and password combinations can be taken and used for other purposes.

In this article, we will go through the importance of security and the most important threats to ecommerce websites.

  • Cross Site Scripting – When used this form of attack, the attacker will insert a so-called JavaScript snippet on an exposed or vulnerable web page that to a search browser looks like a normal content and is therefore executed. This attack can perform a lot of harmful actions. This method can also give intruders an access to other data on the user’s computer and leave them malware installation.
  • SQL Injection – This type of attack can affect almost any website or app that uses SQL database which includes popular ecommerce platforms such as Magento. When using this technique, the hacker can insert harmful SQL statements in a payload which will be actually increased as a part of an authentic-seeming inquiry. If the hacker gains access to the database they can create an account, view all of your important information and delete the other database entries.
  • Phishing attacks – These scams are usually in the form of emails that look pretty legitimate and sometimes they may come from someone you actually know. Also, phishing scams can happen through phone calls. These scams include a link to a page that if clicked on and accessed it will take over the email account and install malware on the computer which can access the camera and steal all personal information.

There are a few ways to protect your ecommerce website from attacks. Some of the most popular methods are PCI compliance, SSL certificates, Security Patches, Web Application Firewalls, Vulnerability Scanning, Bot blockers, and Content Delivery Networks.

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