How to Market Your Event Efficiently for Corporate Clients

How to plan an event online

You have to be 100 percent dedicated to your corporate clients to know how to plan an event online/market your event for them! Corporate clients pay huge money. Therefore, they need exemplary and extraordinary services. Any planner who is half-hearted about projects of this nature should step aside and let experts handle them. Fortunately, you can master how to market corporate events without being a rocket scientist. For starters, you only require the right combination of strategies and planning to excel at this work. Such strategies include constant meetings with clients. It’s only through the meetings that useful event planning online then takes place for corporate clients. During the sessions, planners and their customers discuss the appropriate points and objectives. Learn more below.

Grasp the Basics

First, you have to get a good grasp of the basics. That can only happen during your meetings with corporate clients. At such meetings, your questions should touch on the ‘what,’ ‘where,’ ‘why,’ ‘who,’ and ‘how.’ In this regard, the ‘how’ could be referring to the number of guests that would show up. With a proper appreciation of the basics, you should now be ready to start planning an event for your corporate client. While at it, take some time to identify the type of event that’s likely to attract more clients.

Furthermore, the basics also include the goals and objectives of the event. Why does your corporate client want to organize such an event? Would the client mind a few fun and interactive activities for his guests? Answers to these questions determine how you plan a corporate event online.

Understand the Event’s Goals

As previously mentioned, it’s essential to understand the goals of the corporate event. Each corporate client has a different purpose and objective. Therefore, you should never assume anything. Instead, sit down with each client to understand this issue. After all, goals drive the entire event forward. Other than that, goals also set the pace at which the rest of the event will run. The purpose of the event should not be a massive departure from the overall business goals of the corporate client either. If the two differ significantly, you would have a difficult time trying to convince the executives to buy into your idea. Ideally, you should not proceed with any aspect of the planning before settling the issue of the event’s goals and objectives. With the goals in place, you now have a tool through which to measure the event’s return on investment.

Incorporate Fun Themes

Corporate events tend to be different from other types of events. The tone is different, just as much as the dressing and theme are. However, that doesn’t mean that an event planner should organize something akin to a funeral service. The best event planners are capable of incorporating fun themes. With these themes in place, guests are bound to have an exciting and engaging session.

Moreover, fun ideas keep everyone awake, which can be quite hard in corporate events. To prove this, you should try to plan an event online that doesn’t feature any fun activity. Furthermore, you should not just limit yourself to fun activities. Instead, you should also try introducing immersive and interactive events too. By doing this, you would also be making the event more cohesive!

How to plan an event online

Engage Participants with Immersive Activities

Many corporate events happen with the goal of teaching participants new skills. Marketing an event with such a goal requires a bit more innovation on your part. For starters, you have to be ready to test the participants with immersive activities. As you do this, they would not complain of boredom. More importantly, such activities guarantee the active participation that guests need to keep the event alive and warm. Immersive activities also give you a platform through which to explore unique training approaches. Fill the event with more excitement, too, through these activities. Essentially, immersive tasks create the perfect room for practicing participatory learning. Before doing that, though, you should discuss the issue with the corporate client first. Permission to do so would also depend on the caliber of guests expected to be in the event.

Select the Right Location

In most events, success often hinges on location. Consequently, you should only consider dipping your hands into the event planning online industry once you know the places your clients prefer. Alternatively, you don’t have to know this information. Instead, you could do a bit of research to learn what such clients prefer. Surprisingly, you may discover that some of the clients don’t know their best locations. For this reason, spend time identifying and listing various sites and venues for organizing corporate events. As you do this, remember that the ideal location is not necessarily the newest facility. The choice of a place has to adhere to the purpose of the event. Apart from that, an accurate reflection of the type of audience you expect at the event is necessary.

Create a Plan

Lastly, the success of your corporate event increases manifolds only if you create a good plan. The plan must feature all small and necessary details of the event. A good plan requires a budget. It also needs a guest list. Without a venue, your plan would be incomplete too. Additionally, the plan should feature all that you have in store regarding entertainment. As stated earlier, corporate events would be dull affairs without any meaningful entertainment. That’s not all, though. Instead, remember to market your corporate event too! It can’t attract the right kind of traction without effective marketing. It’s never too early to start selling your event. Similarly, spare no cost in ensuring that the event enjoys increased visibility to give clients ample time to confirm their attendance.


For all that you do in planning a corporate event, you can’t do much without a good team around you. For this reason, surround yourself with the right people, especially those who know how to plan a corporate event. Most importantly, check with them to find out if they know how to market corporate events too. As you will learn, such knowledge and experience could be the difference between success and failure. More interestingly, a very thin line separates success and failure in this industry. Do whatever you can to ensure that you fall on the side of progress, which starts with excellent planning. Choose the best location too. Don’t forget to budget accordingly. As you do all that, prepare a list of some immersive activities worth doing. Also, keep your guests engaged and excited fully during the event!

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