How to Plan an Event Online Successfully – Tips to Help You Thrive

How to plan an event online

Anyone can know how to plan an event online. You can do all that without extensive experience or by walking around with all relevant qualifications. However, experience and training are never the worst qualities to have when you wish to plan events successfully. Learning is a never-ending pursuit. The knowledge you acquire here will help to propel you further in your career.

Most importantly, you would be quite effective at planning the kind of events that leave your clients impressed. An example of some of the stuff you should do is to start early. It’s never too early to start planning. Other than that, a bit of flexibility is also highly recommended. As you will learn here, it’s also useful to source for the right supplies. This article seeks to provide you with plenty of tips that guide and prepare you to plan an event online.

Event planners and marketers are using emails and social media more to create awareness. Through these platforms, they are also able to increase visibility for their events. Other than that, many of them are using the latest technology, which gives their clients the best services. Remember, event planning is a $5 billion industry in the United States. More than 140,000 businesses operate in this industry. For these reasons, do more to get a portion of the pie. That way, you stand apart from your competition. All that starts with learning about event planning online: afterward, you then have to keep applying the lessons learned in your business and with all clients with whom you interact. By doing this, you would be increasing your chances of success in a highly competitive industry such as event planning!

Developing the Right Goals and Objectives

In anything you do, success is only possible if you start with goals and objectives. Moreover, your business needs a vision. Without all that, you would not have a roadmap to guide your business through. Significantly, the vision, goals, and objectives are not only for your entire business. They are also for the specific event that you have in mind. The goals and objectives are only easy to define once you know the reason or purpose for the event. Marketing your event becomes a much simpler task once you understand why it’s happening in the first place. While at it, consider the number of people you wish to invite to the event too. Additionally, are you thinking about raising funds from the event? Then you must plan all aspects of the event accordingly from the outset to reduce your chances of falling short of your goal!

Organizing Your Team

How many people do you need to plan an event online successfully? Surely, you have to know that such a feat is impossible to pull off alone. You need a body of experts around you to provide you with different ideas. Through brainstorming with these professionals, you would increase your chances of organizing a successful event. Assuming that you’re the director, you would require a whole team of coordinators to help you with different components of the event. Here, a program, venue, equipment, and promotions coordinator must be in your team. Added to that, you would also benefit significantly from having professionals who coordinate issues regarding hospitality and merchandising. Take your time to set this team up because its members will determine the success – or failure – of your event!

Creating a Budget

After putting your team together and creating the event’s goals, your next task is to create a budget. Funds are crucial to the success of the event. Without money, you won’t have an event. Even if you organize one without money, the lack of finances will show. Money is like the glue that brings all different aspects of planning together. It ensures that the massive machine you have created keeps flowing and operating efficiently. First, you have to divide the event into various components. For the most part, it will have five components. They are catering, speaker, venue, software, and A/V. With these components in place, it’s now time to determine how much of the budget each one gets. How much should each component take? Feel free to share the funds as follows:

  • Venue – 35 percent
  • A/V – 25 percent
  • Speaker(s) – 21 percent
  • Software – 11 percent
  • Catering – 8 percent

How to plan an event online

Setting the Date and Booking the Venue

By this time, you should probably have set a date for your event. Additionally, you should also find time to book the venue where the event shall take place. Before embarking on the search for the venue, you first have to consider the event’s purpose or theme. Otherwise, you could end up with a venue that is in sharp contrast to your event. While settling on a venue, you also ought to avoid exceeding your budget. More importantly, remember to settle on a venue that you have visited personally. Alternatively, you may have to send one of your team members to see the venue. Make sure the venue is available on the exact date you have settled on too! While examining the venue, confirm if the floor space is adequate for all guests. The following checklist should guide you appropriately:

  • Cost
  • Location
  • Date / season
  • Capacity
  • Layout
  • Services and facilities


As you may have noted, it’s hectic to plan an event online. However, you can do more with the right technology. It’s worth stating that anybody can know event planning. By following the tips listed above, marketing your event should never be much of a problem. The Internet has opened various avenues for meeting with team members. It has also made it possible to check venues, confirm dates, choose the right suppliers, and do so much more. Alternatively, you could always work closely with a professional event planner. Always work with a budget, as that determines the kind of venue you could get. Therefore, start applying these tips from today, and you would soon know how to plan an event effectively like a professional, especially for the first time!

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