How to Promote Your Event on Social Media – Choosing the Best Network for Promoting Your Events

Market your event on social media

Social media isn’t one roof or thing. It’s a collection of various platforms. As with all things, choosing one ideal platform where multiple options exist can be quite problematic. For example, you have Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, and Twitter to choose from, among others. Selecting the best one increases your chances of being successful in promoting your event. Therefore, as you seek to know how to promote your event on social media, the best place to start would be discovering the best platform first. That way, you would be able to package your message – and content – nicely and precisely for that platform. What is more, such a strategy also enables you to reach out to the right kind of audience. The result is you give your event a much higher chance of being a resounding success!

Defining the Audience

What is your ideal audience? Have you defined and identified them? You can only choose the best platform once you understand the people using it. More importantly, with this information, you would have an easier time following where your target audience spends most of its time. Are they on Twitter? Do they prefer Facebook? Is Instagram their favorite social media network? How much time do they spend on the most prominent social media networks? The answers to these questions will point you in the right direction. Additionally, you should define your audience based on the amount of data they post on each specific network. If you’re interested in a platform with – arguably – the most extensive reach, then Facebook would be your best bet. For other platforms, the following information should help you much:

  • LinkedIn is ideal for finding collaborations and sponsorships
  • LinkedIn also remains perfect if you want to find professionals to hire for your upcoming event
  • Instagram is excellent for posting behind-the-scenes photos and videos
  • Twitter would serve you well if you need a platform for sharing updates, giveaways, and short bursts

Optimize Your Profiles

It’s not enough for you to update all your social media profiles. Instead, you should also optimize the profiles. That way, it’s full of all the relevant information needed to give your event more visibility. If you’ve been wondering how to market your event on social media, then you should prioritize optimizing the profiles. The two aspects of your social media platforms that need more attention are the bio and description. They should never be outdated, even a bit. You can’t optimize all social media networks all at once. A better approach is to focus on each profile at a time. Start with the one that’s ideal for your content. In optimizing, you’re not only updating all the information on the profiles. You are also re-writing descriptions. Also, remember to do this consistently rather than as a one-off!

Defining Output

What kind of output are you hoping for from the social media profiles? You wouldn’t be able to know that if you are yet to define the sort of output you are expecting. Define the kind of results you are hoping to achieve. Probably, you wish to see a marked improvement in ticket sales. Alternatively, you’re more interested in boosting recurrent event loyalty.

Additionally, you may be looking forward to building better relationships with some of the leaders and best-known professionals in your industry. Whatever the case, you ought to start with a proper definition of the output. Once you know what your prospective achievements are, you should be able to settle on the most appropriate platform for promoting your product. An excellent definition of goals is one of the best social media tips for marketing your event!

Creating a Content Plan

What plan do you have for developing content that helps to promote your event on social media? Where event promotion is concerned, the content remains king! Content is everything and is a massive determinant of the kind of success you can hope for on social media. For this reason, you should discover the type of content that your audience prefers listening to or watching.

In some cases, you might find that they prefer videos. Others are likely to see either infographics or quotes. Images and eBooks are also other commonly used types of content. For videos, you might have to consider opening a YouTube channel and posting all the content there. In such instances, you shouldn’t feel limited to YouTube alone. Instead, you can post links to the uploaded videos on all the other social media networks.

While doing that, including the following with the rest of your content could work wonders:

  • Emojis
  • GIFs
  • Humor
  • Memes

Market your event on social media

Go Where the Numbers are

Additionally, you may want to go where the numbers are. That would only be possible to determine once you know your audience. However, you shouldn’t be limited to the number of followers alone. Instead, you should also go with the social media networks that enjoy more popularity. In this regard, Facebook trumps all the rest. Worldwide, it boasts of more than 2.7 billion users.

On the other hand, YouTube remains attractive to 80 percent of people aged 18-49 years. As for Instagram, the 1 billion people who use it ensure that it rightfully ranks as one of the six most popular social media platforms in the world today. Each month, over 330 million people use Twitter for various activities. Based on these figures, you are now rightly placed to decide the most appropriate platform for marketing your event.


In all likelihood, you now understand how to promote your event on social media. The social media tips for marketing your event listed above should help you to settle on a useful and relevant platform fast. As you do so, your event will receive the traction it needs. More importantly, it will enjoy increased visibility. Social media is highly effective at creating awareness on anything important or close to your heart. Use it in this regard and push your event away from the background and into the eyes and ears of every person you want at the event. First, you have to know your audience, though. Follow this up by optimizing your profiles. With that done, you should now define your goals and create a fantastic content plan. Lastly, remember to go where the numbers favor you!

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