How to Promote Your Event on Social Media – The Four Tips You Must Never Forget

Market your event on social media

Social media offers us a pleasant tool for living extraordinary and ordinary lives. It enables marketers to reach their target audience. Large corporations are also on social media, engaging with clients while trying to stand out from the competition. Families and friends are meeting lost ones. People who went to school together several years and decades ago are reuniting all thanks to the power of social media. With this in mind, it’s not surprising to see many people seeking to know how to promote your event on social media. After all, social media is more than a platform for making new friends or re-establishing lost connections. It retains its attractiveness in the business world. Today, it can help your event to attract the right audience and numbers that you crave. Continue reading to learn more about it!

Creating a Hashtag

A hashtag is one of the most powerful tools on social media. It has the power to draw in the masses on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and any other imaginable platform. A hashtag gives your content the wings with which to fly and reach millions of people. With a hashtag, your message can overcome the geographical restrictions that seek to limit its reach. A specialized hashtag is more potent. Through it, you enjoy the enhanced buzz that your event needs on social media spaces. Other than that, it’s also capable of increasing participation. As if that’s not enough, hashtags are also renowned for boosting attendance. However, the effectiveness of any hashtag hinges on a few factors. For example, it has to be relevant to your event. In addition to that, you must keep the hashtag:

  • Unique
  • Short
  • Sweet

Market your event on social media

Timing is Everything

Timing is one of the essential social media tips for promoting your event. Anyone who gets schedule wrong would have no one else to blame but himself. Most significantly, the best time to start improving your event on social media is now, or today! Don’t postpone to tomorrow what you can do today. The earlier you start, the more your chances of success grow! Results are more attainable once you begin using dedicated hashtags. Therefore, settle on the date for the event. Once you are done with that part, your next task – no matter how many months remain to the D-Day – would be to start promoting the event! Spend as much time as possible on social media, saturating the different platforms with messages regarding your event. As you do that, you would be giving your event – and all promotional activities – a more extensive reach!

Promoting on the Right Social Networks

Social media offers you a chance to use tons of networks. Some of the biggest networks include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. LinkedIn and Snapchat also belong in that category of super networks. Ideally, learning how to market your event on social media comes with plenty of rewards. More specifically, you would be assured fantastic returns and rewards the moment you learn to trade on the right platform. It’s upon you to identify where most of your followers spend a big chunk of their time. That way, you would know where to target promotional events. More interestingly, you would know how to package the promotional campaign or message. As you do that, you would be increasing your chances of attracting more numbers to the event.

Upgrading All Social Media Profiles

Before you rush out to embark on any promotional campaign on social media, you may want to stop and do one important thing first. Here, the task in question is upgrading all your social media profiles. As you start doing that, remember to create sleeker headers. The company or brand descriptions must be thorough too. Put more focus on all your existing pages by updating them too! Apart from all that, don’t forget to fill your headers with all the appropriate event hashtags. Your logo should also appear on the headers. Does the ‘About Us’ section on your social media profiles need some attention? Yes, it does. More importantly, it needs a bit of optimizing. At this stage, you may be forgiven for thinking that your task is done. If you have not interlinked all your pages on social media, then your job isn’t done!

Creating Your Facebook Event

You have to learn to use Facebook Event if you hope to market your event on social media. That feature attracts over 500 million active users each month. You might be tempted to consider that number quite impressive. However, you may change your mind the moment you realize that users created over 47 million public events on Facebook last year.

For this reason, you have to find ways of making your event stand out from the rest. You have to follow the right rules regarding this platform, though. As a start, the cover photo must be 1920 x 1080 pixels. Other than that, you have to state the time, location, and category clearly. Additionally, the event description has to be exceptionally written. It must capture the imagination of your followers sufficiently to convince them to attend your upcoming event.

Work with Your Biggest Promoters

On social media, those who follow you have the potential of being your biggest promoters. Within this group is another sub-group that engages with you frequently. That subgroup could be the difference for anyone who wishes to know how to market your event on social media successfully. Use your creativity to keep that sub-group interested in your event. Find ways of reaching out to them. Do not be afraid to ask them for help. Allow them to buy into your vision regarding the upcoming event. Apart from them, you may also want to identify the thought leaders and influencers within your industry. After identifying them, your next task would be to build mutually beneficial relationships. Do this by sharing their content while asking them to share yours.


Have you increased your knowledge on how to promote your event on social media? The hope is that this article has helped you uncover a few truths that could propel your campaign into the next level of success. By implementing these tips, you would be able to enjoy unparalleled feats. More importantly, your event would be right in front of the eyes and ears of those you wish to see attending it. Social media gives you a platform that increases your event’s visibility. It captures imaginations of the people following you too. However, all that is only possible when you follow the tips mentioned above. For example, you should use hashtags and post right on time. Also, solicit the help of some of your most significant followers or influencers, as that strategy offers tremendous benefits.

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