How to Promote Your Event on Social Media – Tips for Boosting Attendance

Market your event on social media

Events are capable of boosting your sales and profits. They also build brands, increase awareness, and enhance brand visibility. You have to do them right to enjoy this benefit, though. Through social media, you could give your brand – and all that it offers – more exposure too. Apart from that, you also get the chance to establish more connections. All you need is a good plan. By planning everything right, you would have increased the likelihood of enjoying fantastic success. The fact that social media increases your engagement with the audience is also great news. As you do all that and boost attendance, you give your brand more chance of achieving its goals and objectives for the event. None of that will happen if you don’t know how to promote your event on social media.

Post Frequently

Anyone who wishes to become an expert on how to market your event on social media should post frequently. Social media networks don’t restrict the number of times you can post or publish posts in a day. Therefore, feel free to post more. However, there is such a thing as bombarding your followers with too much information. In some cases, your followers might opt to mute or block you if they consider your posts too much. Posting frequently doesn’t equate to posting every 30 minutes. In this regard, your attention should be more on the quality of what you post rather than quantity. Additionally, be smart by displaying different content with the same message. That way, you will have hooked your followers hence encouraging them to show up at the event! Examples of the kind of content worth posting frequently include:

  • Showing them behind-the-scenes preparation towards the event
  • Providing them with tantalizing glimpses of the type of food they will consume
  • Interviews with some of the guests expected to speak or perform at the event

Start Promoting Early

Stop waiting, procrastinating the need and urgency of promoting your event. Instead, as you research the best social media tips for promoting your event, you should remember to start early. For example, spare at least a month to start promoting it heavily on all your social media networks. Here, you could follow the example of movie producers. They release a trailer of a movie that will be in cinemas a year from today. Over time, they also continue posting details of the film to whet our appetite. Take a similar approach to your event. More importantly, remember to post relevant information about the event as you receive it. Give your followers as many updates as you get along the way too. That way, you build incredible interest and engagement with those you wish to see at the event. While at it, don’t hesitate to do the following too:

  • Keep everything interesting
  • Distribute posts that promote the event
  • Share relevant information over various platforms using unique techniques

Market your event on social media

Scheduling Relevant Posts Early

Again, we touch on the issue of doing things early. Here, the focus is on the early scheduling of all the relevant posts. Remember, you might not have as much time as you imagine. Time flies by too fast when you have different activities lined up. It’s upon you to do things properly to ensure that nothing slips through the cracks. Naturally, planning an event is a highly stressful activity. During the planning phase, it’s important to hope for the best while prepping yourself for the worst. You should try to limit the damage. Scheduling everything early is an effective way of doing that. By doing that, you give yourself ample time to rectify whatever goes wrong. Otherwise, your event might not have as much attendance as you hoped. That’s not the only worrisome outcome, though, as the online social proof that you need could decrease markedly!

Increasing Visibility with Ad Campaigns

Your event needs as much visibility as it can get. That visibility doesn’t come naturally. You have to fold your sleeves and put in a proper shift. Ad campaigns are worth investing in if you’re struggling to discover stunning social media tips for marketing your event. Paid ad campaigns achieve more than just giving you the increased visibility that you need. Instead, they are also effective at boosting engagement with followers who you wish to see attending the event. Other than that, such campaigns are more likely to boost attendance massively. For these reasons, as you contemplate spending some money on such campaigns, your eyes should be on Instagram Ads and Facebook Ads over all the others. The two have been quite effective at producing the desired results for those promoting their events on social media.

Share Facebook Events Everywhere

Facebook Ads aren’t the only features on Facebook worth using to promote your upcoming event on social media. The other tool that you should add to your arsenal is Facebook Events. Create relevant events on Facebook using this feature. Do not stop at creating them only. Instead, share them on as many platforms as you can. Facebook Events are splendid. They represent one of Facebook’s most intriguing and powerful weapons. For starters, they are quite effective at spreading the word concerning the events you have lined up. Apart from that, they also offer valuable information to users. As if that’s not enough, Facebook Events have proved quite potent at offering brands the chance to interact with followers and respond to their comments in real-time. They also allow you to build the necessary social media proof!


In conclusion, you should now be on your way to enjoying incredible success while promoting your event on social media. The tips mentioned above on how to promote your event on social media will produce remarkable results. Apply the tips in question. One or two tips will do wonders for you. However, a combination of all the suggestions should ensure that you enjoy a massive attendance. Proper marketing opens the avenues for your attendance to shoot through the roof. More crucially, you should embark on the marketing aspect as early as possible. Use all the tools at your disposal, such as Facebook Events. Give your event as much visibility as it needs too. Put more emphasis on getting as many people as possible, talking about your event, and you will see incredible outcomes, especially in attendance!

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