Platforms to Sell Your Online Tickets – The Beginners Guide

Platforms to sell your online tickets

As a beginner, you might struggle to find top platforms to sell your online tickets. All those struggles might leave you wondering how other people do it. You don’t have to worry, though. It’s possible to learn the tips and tricks regarding this industry, thus helping you to navigate your way through its intrigues. In this article, we consider some strategies that have proven popular and effective over the years. What is more, many sellers have applied these strategies and enjoyed incredible success. By following their example, you would also be setting yourself up for great rewards. More crucially, you have to choose the strategy or tactic that works well for you. After all, what produces impressive results for one person might not be so useful for you. Moreover, beginners have to focus on 1-2 tactics or strategies during these initial stages!

Apply Common Sense

In your search for the best online platform for selling tickets, you have to remember to apply common sense. Your search doesn’t exclude you from using common sense. Here, common sense refers to the right timing, content, and price. Essentially, the timing has to be perfect. The content and amount have to suit you too. Always ensure that you package the content right to fit the needs and aspirations of the audience that will be at the event. Your tickets can only sell if the relevance isn’t limited to content alone. However, it has to fit with the location. The significance of price is also critical since it’s capable of discouraging clients. While still on the issue of pricing, it’s worth mentioning that offering a free event might not work as well as you thought, especially if it promises too much!

Use the Right Images

The successful sale of online tickets depends on various factors. For example, it also hinges on the kind of images that appear on the tickets. Other than that, the choice of images on the platforms for advertising the event or tickets also matter. Tickets and all accompanying materials must possess a bit of playfulness. Even if you lack the appropriate images, the Internet offers you access to multiple stock photo sites. Examples of such sites include Shutterstock and Getty Images! Take advantage of them to find amazing photos for your tickets. Remember, pictures speak a thousand words. The images you use might be what you need to convince buyers to pay for the tickets. Additionally, you could also find fantastic help from some of the best graphic designers!

Incentivize Early Ticket Buyers

What is in it for people who buy your tickets early? Find ways of incentivizing them to do just that. Fortunately, your creativity is the only limiting factor here. With excellent incentives, you can convince anyone to buy early. That way, you’re already assured of some superb revenue way before the onset of the event. Through this strategy, you would be able to draw in two groups of customers. The first group comprises the biggest fans of the event. Secondly, you would also be reaching out to customers who are not able or willing to pay what the event costs. That second group would jump at the chance offered them to find a fantastic value deal, which is just perfect for their pockets. Do you know of the best ways of incentivizing such buyers? Examples of incentives worth using include:

  • Discounted rates
  • Extra entitlements such as freebies, VIP Access, or a fantastic experience

Platforms to sell your online tickets

Creating Different Pricing Tiers

Before thinking about selling your tickets on online platforms, you should consider creating different pricing tiers. Such an approach would be quite practical for people who don’t see value in only one price. With this option, you have the freedom to offer your clients a lower-tier ticket. A tier of this nature would be great news in the ears of people who can’t afford to pay premium rates. In this regard, you have several options. For example, you could allow some buyers to order a half-day ticket, which sounds great compared to a full-day entry. Alternatively, you may need to look at various ways of limiting access to some sections of the venue. What is more, your tickets would find interested buyers if you charge low rates while omitting foods and drinks.

Running Promotional Offers

Do not hold back from running promotional offers on all the online ticket selling platforms. Anything that could convince that extra person to buy your ticket is worth using. As long as it brings in the money, then it is good to pursue it. Humans are wired to queue for whatever they consider free. Many people have no problem going for something that comes with a special offer, gift, service, or product. What makes you think such a strategy would not have the same effect on your customers? Let nothing keep you back from running such types of offers. You would be surprised to see buyers queuing to buy your tickets. Short promotional campaigns are likely to be more successful than you imagined. What is more, you have several strategies here, which include the following:

  • Discounts for those who buy five tickets or more at once
  • 10% off on all tickets bought early for weekend performances using coupons
  • Contemporary tickets
  • Share on Facebook and get a chance to bring a friend to the event


As a beginner, you don’t have to spend sleepless nights fretting about the best platforms to sell our online tickets. Instead of worrying, you should acclimatize yourself with the rules governing this game. You will realize that it’s not hard to sell these tickets. For starters, don’t forget to use your common sense. Additionally, the right images always work wonders. Remember the buyers who may wish to get the tickets early. Come up with ways of incentivizing them to encourage them to buy early. The creation of different price tiers also plays a massive role in terms of giving buyers the motivation they need to make a decision that favors you. As you embark on all that, it would also be wonderful of you to run promotional offers. Start implementing these strategies today to sell all your tickets online as a beginner!

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