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Selling Online Events - Tricks For Increasing Sales Fast

Selling Online Events – Tricks for Increasing Sales Fast

Selling Online Events

You don’t have eons for selling online events. A deadline looms ever so close with each new day. Because of this, you need to plan your strategies accordingly. For many organizers and hosts, profits are guaranteed when ticket sales increase. However, you may not always achieve much success with ticket sales, mainly if you depend on it as the only source for profits. You are better off finding other stuff that will help you achieve the desired results. If you are focused on increasing sales for your upcoming event this year, then you are in the right place. As you will discover below, you only have to worry about a few tips and tricks. Moreover, you have to apply these tricks immediately. Otherwise, you would only have knowledge that doesn’t help you to achieve your goal of boosting sales fast.

Obtain Partners

At times, you are better off working with partners instead of trying to go it all alone. Partners can help you go far. Operating on your own could only take you so far. The types of partners worth looking for are those who play critical roles in positioning your event uniquely. With them by your side, supporting you morally and financially as well as technically, your event is bound for success. Look for partners who are experienced at giving attendees a unique and highly memorable experience. Anything else would be akin to selling your attendees – and the event too – short! Selling events online is – more often than not – the result of teamwork. It’s never about individual prowess or abilities. You might be the most talented event organizer or host, but that counts for nothing without an excellent team of partners around you!

Offer Discounts

Secondly, the speed at which you sell online events hinges on what you feel about offering discounts. Globally, logical will always try to save money, especially on the prices of certain things. If they can save money on event tickets, they would rush for that. Therefore, you should not even think twice about offering discounts. Instead, it should be a straightforward decision. Your buyers are only hesitating to buy because they are not seeing any discounts being offered. Test their resolve by giving them discounts. You would be surprised to see them rushing to order your tickets. However, be strategic with the whole discount issue. Otherwise, you might not experience the desired results. Below are examples of the types of strategies that you should employ to make your event – and tickets – attractive to more people:

  • Providing discounts to people buying tickets for large groups at once
  • Rewarding buyers who invite their friends through social media
  • Offering members who are related to the event some exclusive deals or all-out access
  • Offering time-restricted discounts

Target People Interested in the Event

Not everybody would like to attend your event. You have to get that out of the way. Understand that people have different tastes. Therefore, your event probably doesn’t apply to them. With that understanding, you would be able to create ads that appeal specifically to those who can’t wait to be at your event.

Similarly, the fact that some people visited your page and left without ordering a ticket doesn’t make them lost sales. A good site should be able to indicate your conversion rates. Therefore, as you embark on selling Internet events, try retargeting page visitors. Find out why they didn’t make any purchase. More importantly, if you can find their emails, act fast by sending them discount codes to motivate them into buying! Retargeting your visitors could increase your sales by as much as six times!

Create Scarcity

Scarcity can be a powerful tool in pulling more visitors to your website. The moment your prospective clients realize that tickets are running out, they would make a massive dash to the site to place their orders. Other than that, time-restricted discounts also work wonders. People will seek to take advantage of these discounts before their expiry. Scarcity always works because it creates urgency in your buyers.

Additionally, it inspires the audience to buy tickets straight away instead of waiting any further. Brands that are proven effective at selling events on the Internet have learned how to create scarcity. Don’t forget that each sales cycle will always experience a lull. It’s upon you to know how to overcome the silence. One way of doing that is by creating an artificial scarcity!

Selling Online Events

On-Site Selling

Despite putting in the best effort towards selling Internet events, you may not be as successful as you hoped. The lack of success could be due to several factors. Many of these factors are probably out of your control. That shouldn’t cause you sleepless nights, though. Instead, it should inspire you towards traditional solutions, where appropriate. In this regard, it would be great to consider on-site selling.

Furthermore, selling at the door doesn’t mean that you have abandoned the online solutions. You could just as well sell using the same online solutions right at the door. It’s possible to do this courtesy of state-of-the-art technology such as mobile box office apps. You lose nothing by embracing this solution. More to the point, you also get one more chance to engage with your clients.


Would you like to enjoy increased sales when selling online events? Are you interested in reducing your losses? Do you wish to attract a much more extensive list of attendees at your upcoming event? If yes, then you may have to consider the tips and tricks listed above. Yes, the tricks require plenty of work on your part. However, it’s not backbreaking work! You only have to demonstrate a willingness to follow each action through. The first step is to look for partners. Next, you should offer clients as many discounts as possible. Afterward, you could put more resources into reaching out to clients who wish to attend your event. When that’s done, you should be ready to create scarcity while embracing the idea of selling right at the site too. Start applying these measures today and see your event being a huge success!

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