Tips for Choosing the Best Platforms to Sell Your Online Tickets

Platforms to sell your online tickets

Today, more and more event hosts prefer selling their tickets online. That way, they can cut costs, thus increasing their revenues. Other than that, digital solutions also bring the required convenience to consumers who dislike long queues at buying points. Based on this, it’s easier to understand why the number of online ticket sellers has increased massively. For this reason, it is wise to guide you with a few pointers to help you settle on the best system for selling online tickets. Such information is critical to buyers and sellers alike. It’s essential for sellers and buyers alike to know how to find such platforms. Additionally, they need to know what to look for in these online ticket selling platforms. Get ready to learn more about this issue to help you with some challenges associated with choosing the best systems.

Study the Fees

How much does it cost you to get the best platforms for selling online tickets? That should be the first question on the back of your mind. Money is everything. You may settle on a system that ends up consuming a huge chunk of your revenue, thus leaving you with nothing. Sadly, many firms selling such platforms charge a premium. For this reason, you have to consider the fees. More importantly, pay special attention to the hidden costs. To learn more about the hidden charges, ask the firm for a copy of their proposal. Alternatively, ask them for more details regarding hidden fees. Remember, wide-ranging types of hidden fees exist. Credit card fees are just but a few examples of the most commonly charged fees. Other than those, you should also ask about the following:

  • Service fees
  • Event setup fees

Customization and Branding

When talking about the best platforms to sell your online tickets, you ought to consider the issue of customization and branding too. After all, the tickets should bear your name and identity to help everybody to know that they are yours. Furthermore, customized and branded tickets are a bit more difficult to counterfeit. On top of that, such tickets help you in the marketing aspect. Additionally, it’s worth stating that many event planners prefer not to sell tickets via third-party sites. You could copy them by embedding a form on your website. Such a move gives you more control over the entire process from start to finish. As you do all that, you also get the freedom to design such forms the way you want them to be. Therefore, in selecting an online platform for selling tickets, you should look for those that support:

  • Form embedding
  • Custom templates

Features and Functionality

Thirdly, the features and functionality of the platforms are also quite critical. Do not ignore these qualities as they could prove the difference between increased revenue and massive losses. In determining your choice based on this factor, your attention should be on the event management features that you consider vital to the success of your event. Many of the features may end up being irrelevant and useless to you. However, avoid limiting yourself to the features alone. Instead, evaluate the platform’s functionality too. How does it work? Does the system work smoothly? Do you need more time to get up to speed with the way it works? Is the platform easy to use? Familiarize yourself with these aspects of the platform early before paying for it or starting to use it to eliminate losses. Some of the most crucial features include:

  • Guest check-in
  • Communication features
  • Support for secondary events
  • Seating charts

Money Collection

How will the platform help you to collect money? Ask yourself this question before choosing your preferred platform. Otherwise, you could select a system that withholds all the ticketing proceeds right until the event is over. That would be an unwelcome situation if you want to access the funds while the event proceeds or just before it officially kicks off! After all, you probably need the funds to pay off some of the costs. Do not hesitate to reject any platform that does not offer you access to the proceeds in good time. Alternatively, go for one that limits access if you have no use for the funds until right after the event. While at it, you might also want to know if your preferred option provides daily revenue disbursements. In some cases, a waiting period might be in place.

Creating Your Platform

In some instances, it might be wise of you to consider creating your platform. You should pursue this avenue if the rewards outweigh working with third-party systems. Again, in settling on this option, you must ensure that it supports customization. Go with a system that doesn’t present too many complex problems when configurations are required. Test the system repeatedly until you are confident that it works smoothly. Failure to put it on a test run could leave you with egg on your face on the D-Day. While testing it, you should check the system’s ability to identify the different types of tickets. Apart from that, it should have no problem identifying prices for each ticket type. Fortunately, technology has introduced various tools that you could access on the Internet and use for doing this sort of work.

Platforms to sell your online tickets


You don’t need any long-term training to know how to separate the best platforms to sell your online tickets from the rest. All that’s required is a little information, such as what’s above. Check the system’s features and functionality. Don’t forget to check if the system supports customization and branding too. How does it collect and disburse ticket proceeds? Does the system charge you the fees you can see, or are there hidden fees worth worrying about? The answers you get for these questions will determine whether you have a good platform or not. If nothing appears to be to your satisfaction, don’t hesitate to create your platform. That way, you will have a product that works the way you want. Furthermore, your system would be welcome if you don’t trust third-party options!

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