What Makes Fixed POS Perfect for Your E-Commerce Site

POS for your website to sell tickets ( Point of Sales )

An e-Commerce site must have several mandatory features. For starters, it needs content management capabilities. Additionally, it must also have tools for promotions and discount codes. The checkout system also has to be easy to use. All coding and layout must be optimized for search engines too. Furthermore, apps POS for your website to sell tickets are highly required, as well.

Without any of these, one would struggle to sell tickets successfully on the website. Many e-Commerce sites prefer running fixed POS, though. They do this after discovering the numerous benefits associated with fixed points of sale. In this article, we consider the many advantages of fixed POS. We also discuss the reasons that make it mandatory for your e-Commerce site, especially if you plan to use it to sell tickets online!

Added Security

Fixed POS are some of the best apps POS for selling tickets on your website because of the added security that they offer. When talking about mobile POS, most consumers opt out because of the belief, which is rightfully founded, that such technology is not secure enough. For this reason, they would instead not enter details regarding their credit cards on the points of sale. Fortunately, technology continues making fixed POS more secure and safe for users!

Reduced Liability

Tablets remain highly attractive to thieves. Because of that susceptibility, users run the risk of losing confidential data to theft. Sensitive customer information is also highly likely to disappear courtesy of the robbery. Based on this, it’s easy to see why many users – including individuals and large organizations – continue considering fixed POS ideal. To them, fixed POS reduces their liability, thus standing out as the best apps POS for your website to sell tickets!

Wi-Fi is Not Required

With fixed POS, the need for Wi-Fi dissipates. That is a much different proposition for using mobile POS. With the latter, you would typically have to worry about the vulnerability of your system. For the most part, mobile POS also requires several other peripherals, which all make it more vulnerable to attacks. Additionally, it has no downtime that’s commonly seen with mobile POS. With the latter, everything hinges on the availability of the Internet, especially Wi-Fi.


Fixed POS tend to enjoy increased durability. They are capable of serving the business for up to a decade. Within the first few years, they also amortize themselves admirably. With mobile POS, the technology responsible for their creation goes obsolete within a short time. Consequently, you always have to invest in new technology. More crucially, that means more money out of your pockets, thus reducing your ability to finance other aspects of the business.

Proven Track Record

If you would like to be selling tickets on your website with apps POS, then you should always look at their track record. Fixed POS has a stellar record of accomplishment. Moreover, fixed POS has proven capable of fulfilling critical needs that their clients have. That way, they make it harder for users to change or embrace something different. After all, users have grown accustomed to most of the features on the fixed points of sale.

Amazing Collection of Compatible Devices

Fixed POS stands out because of the fantastic collection of devices with which it’s compatible. In this regard, it’s a more attractive proposition than other formats whose hardware grows incompatible fast. Incompatible hardware requires you to go back to your pocket to purchase something newer and better. Fixed POS saves you from all that. Additionally, you should remember that most mobile POS is unable to support standard serial connections.

Drop Resistance

Mobile POS is prone to falling and breaking apart. With fixed POS, you never have to worry about such things. A single drop is capable of causing massive damages to your investment. Subsequently, you might have to go back to the shop to get a replacement. That’s not the cause with fixed POS. Its drop resistance is at a much higher level than what you are ever likely to get from the alternatives.

Minimal Update Issues

Furthermore, you have no reason for fretting about update issues when working with fixed POS. On the other hand, mobile POS requires constant updates. Therefore, take notice of this when looking at apps POS for selling tickets on your website. After all, fixed POS works well without the need for any software. With mobile POS, you have to think about installing the following continually:

  • New updates
  • New hardware
  • New standards
  • New technologies
  • New bugs


It’s hard to sell tickets on your site using apps POS without mentioning the cost-effectiveness of the entire system. At the end of it all, you will always have to consider money. It determines the kind of investment you can make in terms of apps or fixed POS. For this reason, you should start by running the numbers to determine if the investment is worth making. With mobile POS, your costs will run high because of issues such as the following:

  • Wi-Fi infrastructure
  • Monthly product plans
  • Data plans
  • Investing incompatible peripheral gadgets

POS for your website to sell tickets ( Point of Sales )


Mobile technology continues to supplement traditional POS in many ways. Based on this, you should not consider it a worthy replacement for everything that you already have in place. If you find yourself conscious enough, you would have no difficulty using the two systems all at once. At the conclusion of it all, you need a system that makes it possible to offer your clients the best experience.


With these details, you should have little difficulty choosing the best apps POS for selling tickets on your website. Before settling on any POS, you have to evaluate it based on cost, supplementation, update-related issues, drop resistance, and choice of compatible devices. Other than that, you can’t ignore its track record, longevity, Wi-Fi requirements, liability, and security. A stellar POS will always be safe and highly competent to use for your e-Commerce site.

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